Advantages of the Mobiball

You don't need to plan any extra time. While you are sitting, for example in the office, you can easily use the MOBIBALL in places where your back is stiff or has little mobility. Attach it to the back of your chair.

Additional advantages

Do you often drive a car? Then you can easily attach the MOBIBALL to your car seat. While you concentrate on driving, it automatically helps you change your seating position. This can improve your mobility and increase the flexibility of your joints

By using the MOBIBALL you automatically relieve the sustained pressure from your internal abdominal organs when you sit. This creates space and promotes digestion.

The strap for attaching the MOBIBALL is flexible and can be adjusted in length. You can easily and easily attach the MOBIBALL to various backrests with just one click, be it in the home office, on the train or on the plane. This is how you can convert your seat into an ergonomic seat.

You can also strap the Mobiball around your body instead of attaching it to a backrest. This way you can do floor exercises with the Mobiball. You also have flexibility if you sit on a backrest to which the Mobiball cannot be attached.

Better segmental mobility leads to better nerve supply to the muscles, joints and organs, resulting in increased resilience in your job, sports and other activities

Furthermore, unconscious compensations in the cervical and lumbar spine are avoided, thus preventing primary and secondary damage to the intervertebral discs that often occur in these spinal regions

3 dimensional mobilization of the vertebral acid and associated with this you bring the tensions of the front and rear muscle-fascia chains into balance.